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Welcome to the School for Inspiring Leaders – your gateway to go from routine to remarkable.

We have a lofty goal: to help you create the best job you’ve ever had – starting right now.

Our unique Sparkshops™ and E-Scores™ aim to transform your leadership skills, enhance team collaboration, and infuse your workdays with creativity and purpose – all focused on delivering maximum value and enjoyment!

We’re big on practical skills and real-world strategies here, but what we really love is seeing those moments when everything clicks – when you suddenly see how you can be better, happier and more successful at work.

It’s not just about doing things differently. It’s about seeing your role, your team, and your goals in a whole new light. Our programs are designed to ignite that spark in you, to transform your career and the way you and your team deliver value.

Join us to unlock the potential within you, and discover how you can turn your current role into a source of inspiration and achievement, shaping a career that authentically reflects your aspirations and capabilities. Let’s go.


Welcome to a new way of working

Ever feel like your workdays are on a never-ending loop? Swamped by back-to-back meetings and endless emails? Feeling like you’re always running just trying to keep up? And the Finish Line keeps moving?

You’re not alone. We get it.

Our programs are designed to bring back that spark to your work life, offering a fresh perspective that reignites passion and purpose in your career.

We help you transform daily stresses into a new path of growth, inspiration and happiness – where old routines turn into new possibilities with practical strategies and tools.

Forget the old script of professional development; our focus is on reigniting your drive, refining your talents, and adding a splash of enjoyment to your professional life.

Ready for a transformation? Let’s reshape your career into something as lively and dynamic as you are.

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Developed by Founder, Erin Moran McCormick, former Director, Curriculum Innovation and Technology at Babson College, #1 in the world for entrepreneurship education and Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UMass Boston.

Erin was CIO of two companies, and head of Innovation for a leading PropTech company. She started three companies and is the author of Year of Action

Recently Erin earned certificates from MIT in Business Innovation and Stanford University in Positive Psychology and Well-Being.

She creates programs that inspire employees to be more innovative, confident, successful and happy – and provides a toolkit, framework and supportive community that helps you take action and get results.


Workshops redefined. They are workshops with a spark, to ignite your potential and possibilities.

Sparkshops™ are inspiring people, places and programs to rejuvenate, reward and reskill managers and teams. Learn how to take your workdays from ‘routine’ to ‘remarkable.’

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