Empower Your Future Leaders – New Manager Training Program

For emerging leaders with less than two years of management experience  

Action-Oriented Learning:

Our New Manager Training is not a passive learning experience; it’s an interactive dive into real-world leadership challenges. Your emerging leaders will engage in practical scenarios that mirror their day-to-day hurdles, providing them with the tools to make impactful decisions and take action with confidence.

Collaborate and Grow:

Leadership is a team sport, and our training emphasizes this by fostering a cohort community. Participants will work alongside peers to test out strategies, exchange insights, and refine their approach based on actual team dynamics and feedback.

Real Results, Real Time:

The transformative journey of our program is designed for immediate application. Each module culminates with actionable steps, allowing participants to implement what they’ve learned right away, ensuring that every lesson has a direct correlation to on-the-job performance.


Developed by Founder, Erin Moran McCormick, former Director, Curriculum Innovation and Technology at Babson College, #1 in the world for entrepreneurship education and Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UMass Boston.

Erin was CIO of two companies, and head of Innovation for a leading PropTech company. She started three companies and is the author of Year of Action

Recently Erin earned certificates from MIT in Business Innovation and Stanford University in Positive Psychology and Well-Being.

She creates programs that inspire employees to be more innovative, confident, successful and happy – and provides a toolkit, framework and supportive community that helps you take action and get results.

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Our Manifesto:


Equip Your New Managers with the Tools They Need to Succeed