Workshops redefined. They are workshops with a spark, to ignite your potential and possibilities.

Sparkshops are inspiring people, places and programs to rejuvenate, reward and reskill managers and teams.

Learn how to take your workdays from ‘routine’ to ‘remarkable.’

Let’s start with remarkable. How about a castle?


Do you have hard-working (stretched-thin) managers who you’d like to reward, reskill and rejuvenate?  


What if there was an easy way to:

level up their skills, reduce their stress, and help them better manage their workloads, teams and time?

equip them to be more engaged, empowered, effective, entrepreneurial and have more enjoyment?

teach the tools to be more focused and productive and add more value to the bottom line?

achieve all of this without missing a beat at work, maintaining momentum and data-driven metrics for tracking progress?

Escape to Our Castle for a Day That Transforms Everything

More than just a break, we offer a breakthrough. This is your chance to pause the chaos, breathe deeply, and set a new path for personal and professional growth in the breathtaking grandeur of a Castle in New England.


  • UNIQUE SETTING: Who doesn’t get inspired by the idea of learning in a castle? It encourages out of the box thinking, and a chance to get a fresh perspective, all while feeling rewarded and rejuvenated. Great for stretched-thin managers who need a boost.

  • DATA-DRIVEN: Our pre- and post-analysis E-Score  measures and tracks progress across five categories: Engaged, Empowered, Effective, Entrepreneurial and Enjoyment.

  • TAILORED LEARNING: We dive deep into what leadership looks like in today’s world, focusing on solutions that are as practical as they are transformative.

  • SUSTAINED IMPACT: Change doesn’t happen overnight, which is why we include four weeks of follow-up online group sessions to make sure those sparks turn into lasting flames.

  • EXCLUSIVE NETWORK: It’s a chance to connect with other leaders who are just as passionate about making a difference as you are. 



Do you know a linchpin? 

  • Someone who has been working hard and needs a spark
  • Someone who could easily burn out if things don’t change
  • Someone who has the potential to go from manager to leader
  • Someone who deserves to be recognized and uplifted
  • Nominate them for this unique and rewarding experience.

The Castle Sparkshop: Ignite Your Leadership Program 

Developed by Founder, Erin Moran McCormick, former Director, Curriculum Innovation and Technology at Babson College, #1 in the world for entrepreneurship education and Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UMass Boston.

Erin was CIO of two companies, and head of Innovation for a leading PropTech company. She started three companies and is the author of Year of Action

Recently Erin earned certificates from MIT in Business Innovation and Stanford University in Positive Psychology and Well-Being.

She creates programs that inspire employees to be more innovative, confident, successful and happy – and provides a toolkit, framework and supportive community that helps you take action and get results.

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Experience the Castle Sparkshop 

Let’s ignite your leadership.

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